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We added many new regulator on our... 0

We added many new regulator on our web in last few months.

1. 11. 2017 Láďa Zejda

It was confirmed that regulator with manometer can be used in

Hatsan Nova

Hatsan Bullmaster


Brocock Bantam

there will be probably more airguns which use standart airtank with thread M18x1,5 in which this same regulator can be used. Once we find out we will add them on web too.

Regulator for Brocock Compatto was added on our web.

We also have regulator for Brocock contour supersix .

New regulator for Airgun technology  Vulcan was added.


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Altaros Compressor video of... 0

Altaros Compressor video of Boostering from one bottle to another

18. 07. 2017 Láďa Zejda

Can be used for inert gases (nitrogen, helium ), can not be used for pure oxygen.

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On web was added CZ200/AA S200 set... 0

On web was added CZ200/AA S200 set with 0,15L airtube

8. 11. 2016 Láďa Zejda

More info about set can be found here

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Currently reduced prices from 84... 0

Currently reduced prices from 84 euros to 79 euros

15. 09. 2016 Láďa Zejda

Currently reduced prices from 84 euros to 79 euros

Price was reduced for all basic regulators like Hatsan, Airarms, Evanix , all airtube regulators models.

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Dural (aluminium alloy) airtube for... 0

Dural (aluminium alloy) airtube for CZ 200 | AA S200 is ready to sell

15. 09. 2016 Láďa Zejda

We offer two versions of aluminum Altaros airtubes ( manufacturer marking 34 and 41 cm), which is almost three times lighter than original iron airtube from CZUB. This is especially useful for shooters who are trying to lighten the front of the gun. more info Here .

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Altaros compressor is ready for sale 0

Altaros compressor is ready for sale

14. 09. 2016 Láďa Zejda

The first high-pressure compressor 300bar we built in 2009. Which was only for our own use. Over time we have evolved further construction and the final model tested for 2 years in our workshop.We moved compressor presentation  to a separate site , you can find it here:

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Gamo Coyte, Webley axsor and Air Arms... 0

Gamo Coyte, Webley axsor and Air Arms S 400 SPORTE PRECISION regulators was added on web

27. 05. 2016 Láďa Zejda

We found out that that BSA bucaneer regulator can be used in Gamo Coyote and Webley axsor .

This regulator can be probably used in others Gamo airgun, but we do not have this verified yet.

Once we got info about regulator fitting in other version we will add it on web too.

This Bucaneer regulator can be mostlikely used in

Logun Axsor


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New Air Arms Quickfill video... 0

New Air Arms Quickfill video installation

20. 05. 2016 Láďa Zejda

With quickfill is sent new spanner and two pins which make removing original airtube plug much easier.Air Arms quickfill with manometr

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Video how we test regulators was... 0

Video how we test regulators was released

6. 04. 2016 Láďa Zejda

Through this test has to pass ale new regulator models before being placed on the market. During these tests, regulator is loaded from 60 000 to 100 000 cycles, which is equivalent to a real shot of airgun. The mechanism has a valve and a striker, so that are not practically different from the valve and striker on the rifle.
The advantage of these tests is that you can test regulator in semi-automatic, or rather automatic firing mode. From our own measuring on a real full auto airgun we have verified that regulator can regulate...

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