Our airgun regulators

Our patented airgun regulators that we have to offer over the competition are characterized primarily by placing minimal demands on the skills and equipment for buyer as far as installation and their main feature is that the installation is never needed anything permanently remake on the rifle. You can give the gun to its original state without the regulator any time you want. No need to drill holes anywhere or anything like that of competing regulator. It is also not necessary to have special equipment. In most cases this will suffice the basic tools in the form of Allen wrenches, pliers and a vice case.

For maximum simplicity and clarity, we have created a series of videos with labels according to which you can go step-by-step to install regulator, even if you are not a technical type. In case of any doubt it is always possible to send mail with your question, where we try to answer the most quickly.

Our regulators are also characterized by excellent precision output pressure that often working at the limit 1-3bar which has a very positive impact on the resulting consistency of speed, which can move in the range of + – 1 – 1.5 m / s

Sample of Altaros regulators body:

Function and benefits of the airgun regulators

Regulator is a device which is create to regulate (maintain) the output quantity to the desired value, or within the required limits. In our case, this variable is pressure which has entered into the barrel during firing. Normally, the air pressure is unregulated, because it depends on the actual pressure in the airtube, and this pressure decreases with the number of fired shot. This change in pressure has a negative effect on the periodicity overflow system, which doses the amount of air in the barrel and determines the speed and energy of shots. The reason for this is that high pressure leads to increased strength to the valve and firing mechanism is opened for a shorter period than when the valve is pressed against the lower pressure (Power is proportional to the pressure, so when is So when is 200bar, contact force is twice as high as 100bar on the valve) and leak less amount of air which ensures slower velocity, which in the end causes the bullet hits the target at a lower height than the point of aim. Conversely may even at higher speed bullet hit the target higher than intended.

Pressure regulator which guarantees constant output pressure, until the pressure in the airtube is higher or equal to the set output pressure. If we set the output pressure of the regulator 100bar, so the pressure is maintained at all times while it is in the airtube pressure higher than 100 bar. This eliminating the problem of different strength on the valve and the system always operates with the same pressure, therefore bypasses the same amount of air and this leads to the same output speed between firing rounds, and therefore, therefore, no deflections height hits. This change causes, it is possible for one airtube filling, fire more shots than without the regulator.

Summary it can be said that the regulator provides more accurate shooting (better consistency of shots) and a number of shots on one filling airtube. If I use the terminology of the human body, the barrel is the heart of airgun and the regulator is the brain.

Important parameters airgun regulators

Regulation accuracy

The regulator outlet pressure for airgun has several important parameters which in turn determine the characteristics of the whole rifle. The first and one of the most important parameters is the actual regulator accuracy, or how to change output pressure over change inlet pressure. In the previous chapter, I described the regulator as a device which guarantees constant output pressure, which in turn is not entirely precise definition, such as regulator is physically unrealisable. Each regulator occur to change the output pressure if the inlet pressure changes (pressure in the airtube), but the size of that change is various for different regulators and the smaller is the change, the better regulator is. Normally change throughout the pressure range airtube can match the value of such 5bar. Thus, when the pressure in the airtube is 200bar output pressure regulator is 105 bar, compared to the originally intended 100 bar. As the pressure in the airtube is reduced, and decreases as the output pressureand hence in 150bar output is 102.5 bar, etc. to the inlet and outlet pressure levels. Such dependence is usually linear. That the reason why it is said the regulator guarantees constant output pressure is that the change in output pressure of 5 bar, is orders of magnitude smaller than when the pressure of 100bar changes, as is the case with no regulator airgun. Generally, the smaller the pressure difference (change) the output pressure of regulator it has a better consistency rifle and shoots accurately.

Speed of regulation

Another important attribute of regulator is the speed with which they can return after a gunshot regulated pressure in the chamber to the desired value. This attribute determines how quickly you can fire again after the previous shot without there was a change in consistency. Changing consistency may arise that the frequency of shots is greater than than the speed with which regulator is able to fill the air in chamber to the desired pressure. If it is fired before the pressure reaches the desired value, velocity is lower, the pressure in the regulated section has not yet reached the desired value.

Setting pressure of airgun regulator

Pressure setting is done at the top of the regulator using a screwdriver. Setting is done by rotating the inner cylinder with a groove. Active line on the inner cylinder is indicated by color.

Pressure setting:

Rotation range of pressures between 100-150 bar is around 3/4 turn.

In this picture is output pressure on regulator set to 100bar.

In this picture is output pressure on regulator set to 125bar.

In this picture is output pressure on regulator set to 150bar. This position corresponds approximately to the depth of the inner cylinder from the edge of regulator body around 6 mm. Data on the depth to check whether there is no twisting of entire turn. Partly differs for each individual regulator

Demonstration of airgun regulator function

In this video is shown how the regulator responds to pressure changes in the airtube and keep the output value same. At different settings output pressure.

What should I do when your output pressure is increasing in time

If your output pressure is increasing in time, than its most likely caused by dirt on o-ring on plastic screw. In this video is shown how clean, or replace this o-ring .