How to order

Currently it is possible to order the goods using e-shop or at the base of the binding order by sending the mails to contact specified in the contact section. The main reason is the need for specifications of each order.

Also there is no problem to send questions / ORDER translated using Google translator.


The price are shown for each item or by mail. Prices include transportation unless specified otherwise. If ordering more goods in one order, we offer attractive volume discounts. We are not registered for VAT

Delivery speed

Ordinarily goods sending 1-2 working day after receipt of payment. We send goods via Czech Post by air registred mail and in destination country is most times in 4 days . We will also send you tracking number of your package.

Delivery time in europe depends on country where is package sent to. Most times is package delivered in 2-3 weeks.

In USA is delivery time around 2-4 weeks.

Delivery time is only approximately by our previous experience. Delivery time is not garanted always despends on local post in your country.

Method of payment

Payment can be made to the bank account ,or via PayPal account (if you want, we can  send a invoice to your PayPal account and you make payment this invoice). In rare cases can by payment make through Western Union branches.

To order please provide the following information

  • Brand and model of rifle, for which you want desired goods (regulator, quickfill, accessories, etc.)
  • Caliber and the actual or desired energy projectiles, or outlet pressure from the regulator.
  • Quantity of the goods
  • Address to which the goods are to be sent
  • method of payment
  • additional Information

Acceptance of delivery

  • Please check immediately on receipt integrity of the envelope and content (regulator )
  • If the shipment did not contain the goods so immediately claim a complaint with the carrier or not accept the consignmen.
  • if the shipment was visibly damaged, it can cause loss or steal regulator.
  • In this case, do not take the consignment on the grounds of damaged container.