CZ200/AA S200 set with 0,15L airtube

CZ200 airtube set
  • CZ200 airgun with altaros airtube set
  • CZ200 airtube set
  • CZ200 airtube set
  • Altaros aluminium alloy airtubes


More info about quickfill

Quick Fill is a device that replaces the original air tube plug. This quick fill has both gauge and filling hole for pin and there is no need for air tube to be unscrewed from air rifle body . In addition to greater comfort in the filling quick fill particularly useful when installing the regulator, since then no longer fill through regulator which eliminates the need for each fill fire several shots before the chamber pressure regulator drops in regulated value.

The new quick fill plug is longer compared to the original brass plug, by only 4mm, there is no need to worry about the problem of mounting adapters at the end of the barrel. Filling is possible from both sides so that it is always available at least one side of the filling hole at any angle air tube to the barrel. It is therefore not necessary to indicate the position of the air tube before mounting.

With quickfill is delivered also filling pin with adapter, that can be screwed onto the hose with threaded G 1/8 internal or external, depending on whether or not to apply reduction the filling pin.

More info about quickfill can be found here

More info about regulator

Pressure around 100 bar it is appropriate for powers from 7 to 20 Joule .

Cz 200 regulator

Regulator used in our CZ200 duralium airtube is vented ( venting hole which is connected with atmosphere) . Installation is the same as all other vented regulator. Regulator is pushed inside airtube ( narrow silver part first) in such depth that you can see half of inner thread in airtube. Then remove o-ring from the valve and screw valve back in airtube. By screwing valve in airtube you will pushing regulator deeper in the right position. Do not screw valve fully in, keep a small distance between airtube and valve around 0,1-0,3 mm. By this, you create venting hole for springs.

First time fill airtube outside of airgun through quickfill, after filling screw airtube in airgun. Never fill airtube with mounted regulator through airtube valve. Filling old way through valve can damage regulator and other components!


After airtube is instaled it is necessary to limit firing pin spring to ensure lower air consumption. By doing this you can increase number of regulated shots (even after this setting you will still remain on energy 16j). This screw is located under the handle stretching, it is necessary to take stock off from air rifle. Loosen the screw so that the screw head is at the same level with the airgun body edge.

Un-restrict the side screw on the action and set it to get the desired legal UK output of sub-12 ft.lbs** Remember, higher power does not equal higher accuracy!

JSB heavy 4.5mm 0.67g (0.177)

Average 225,7ms
Min 224,2ms
Max 226,9ms
Difference 2,7ms
Shots 77
Power 16,9J

CZ200 results with Altaros regulator 16J

More info about airtube

Total weight of Altaros airtube with installed regulator and quickfill with manometer.

Total weight of Original airtube with original brass cap and installed regulator inside.

Altaros airtube has compatible fitting design, same as the original CZUB airtubes supplied with airgun. Which is same thread M25x1 and therefore can use the original airtube plugs and accessories offered by us for this airgun. Altaros airtubes are available in two length versions, which have the same length as both variants of the original airtubes from CZUB. Thanks to the use of strength duralumin material has Altaros airtube versus original CZUB almost 3 times lower weight, which is especially useful for shooters who are trying to lighten the front of the gun. Thanks to the use of duralumin (an aluminum alloy) and black anodized surface treatment there is no risk of internal or external corrosion like with the steel original airtube.

Offered Airtube options and their comparison with the original steel airtube:

CZ200/AA S200 airtube with volume 0,15L ( 150 cc )

Original length of rod housing 38 cm ( marked the total length of 41 cm according to producer) weight 479 gram

Altaros length of rod housing 38 cm (same like original ) weight 167 gram


CZ200/AA S200 airtube with volume 0,12L ( 120 cc )

Original length of rod housing 31 cm ( marked the total length of 34 cm according to producer) weight 385 gram

Altaros length of rod housing 31 cm (same like original ) weight 136 gram

With our accessories can be used both long and short airtube without being limited for attaching end terminal option on the barrel ( compensator / silencer ).

Max fill pressure is 190 bar / 2750 PSI

More info can be found Here

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