Huben Quick fill with manometer

Huben Quick fill with manometer
  • Huben Quick fill with manometer
  • Huben Quick fill with manometer

Quick Fill for Airgun is a device that replaces the original air tube plug. Quckfill has manometer with 300 bar scale. In filling pin is screwed reduction which can be connected to paintball coupling. Sprare o-rings for filling pin are in a package.

With our quickfill can be airtube filled up to 280 bar. In case you fill airtube on higher pressure there is a possibility that the manometer will stop working.

With quickfill is also send tool for unscrewing original Huben Plug.



After unscrewing the original plug, the installation is the same as for FX airgun

Video Installation

Quick fill installation instruction for Huben quickfill

Unscrew airtube

Before removing plug we need to drain all air from airtube.

With quickfill is send tool which will help you to unscrew original Huben plug.

Unscrew original plug out of airtube.

Spray silicone spray on Altaros quickfill o-ring and thread then screw quickfill in airtube until o-ring is hidden in airtube.

Pin and filling

The filling pin is made with standard thread G1/8. In filling pin is screwed paintball coupling.

The outer O-rings on the pin must be kept lubricated to prevent damage. Replacement O-rings are 6x1,5 nbr 70 ( nbr is hardeness) and come in a bag with quick fill. Fill airtube slowly = open bottle filling valve slowly and only a small opening. If pressure leak out from airtube when we relieve pressure in airline, remove plug again and check on the backside small-ring, if it is slightly crushed between the screw head and the wall plug.

It must not be pressed too much not even to little, o-ring has to be clean and not damaged.

Shipment contains

  • Quick fill
  • Bar manometer
  • Filling pin
  • Spare o-ring 6×1,5

Since Quick fill is not original part from the manufacturer’s, installation is on your own responsibility.

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