Our priority is a satisfied customer and therefore, in addition to high-quality products, we offer no less good technical support, which is characterized by:

  • Quick and accurate answers
  • communicates directly with manufacturers
  • Texts accompanied by illustrative videos and photos

We present products in the form of regulators, compressors, air rifles, and other accessories for
Airgun PCP shooters in a way which is clear as possible and easy to understand even if communication takes place in a foreign language.

That's why you'll find plenty of video tutorials, detailed instructions, and a variety of graphics with cuts and animations on our site that will fully explain the function, implementation, and proper process of installing and using our products.
Fast advice from technical support saves you a lot of time when you installing the regulator and afterward tuning the air rifle as well as maintaining our compressors.
Thanks to all these aspects, our technical support is highly rated by our customers and given as a model for other companies.