About us Altaros

Altaros.cz is a specialized e-shop, through which we offer you regulators and accessories for PCP (airguns) rifles developed and manufactured by us since 2008.

From the very beginning, our regulators belong to the world's top for its quality, performance and especially for its innovative technologies. This confirms, among other things, that our competitors must copy these innovative technologies as they were unable to come up with their own innovations.

Our company is currently one of the largest producers of regulators in the world and from these big producers, we are on the market for the longest time. That's why we can offer you not only a top-of-the-line product but also our extensive experience of everything with air rifles and it´s accessories. This offer has already been used by a large number of our satisfied customers around the world and we will be glad if you will be one of them. In addition to regulators and accessories, we have previously focused on airgun service, mainly in the form of regulators installation and then tuning of muzzle velocity. During that time, several hundreds of all possible models and brands of airguns passed through our hands. Currently, due to lack of time, we do not provide this service anymore.


Altaros history

Founder and current CEO of Altaros Air Solutions S.R.O. is Ing. Plachy Ondrej, who graduated from the Faculty of Mechatronics at the Technical University of Liberec and is the author of several patents. The first regulator for the PCP rifle started to develop during the study in 2006, and in 2008 was this regulator already used in several hundred rifles to the satisfaction of their owners.

On the topic of pressure regulation using a mechanical analog regulator wrote a bachelor's and master's thesis. His bachelor thesis, dealing with the design of the pressure regulator for the CZ 200 S air rifle made by CZUB was awarded the prize of the University Rector.

After completing the 2011 study, he has been working full time on the development and production of the regulator and other accessories for airguns and has since expanded the range of Altaros products to dozens of products.

Primarily it is the first vented regulator in the world (Regulator connected with the atmosphere) for which it was not necessary to drill a hole in the airtube, because he developed the technology of venting through the thread of the original airtube cap, from which was removed the original o-ring. This key technology is now used by competing manufacturers who have simply stolen this technology, as they were unable to respond with their own innovations. At that time, it was always necessary to drill a hole in the airtube for competing regulators.

Without this technology, thousands of people would still not have the regulator in their rifles today, as the drilling in aritube was unthinkable for them. We fully support this idea because the properly designed regulator must be possible to install in the rifle without the need for permanent adjustments to the rifle, which does not meet requirement with the necessity to drilling of a hole in airtube.


Another breakthrough technology in the field of regulation for airgun is the regulator that has been steadily operating without the need for connection with atmospheric pressure. Thanks to this capability, is this regulator the easiest and fastest installed regulator in the world for a large range of rifles. Of course, this regulator also fulfills the possibility of putting the rifle at any time into the original factory version. This property will be found in all our products as opposed to competitors.

Ondrej Plachy has also developed a compressor booster that now allows hundreds of users to simply fill their rifles or bottles in the comfort of their home without having to ride to diver. More about this compressor multiplier can be found here.

Ondrej currently pays particular attention to the serial completion of two unique rifle projects, which dramatically changes the view of the preconceived airguns standards.

One of these projects is semi-automatic10 shot Airgun, which uses for recharging only exhausted air from the barrel and which as first in the world operates even with very small energies in the range of 7.5 and 16J, retaining the standard airgun concept with the pellets insertion into the barrel before the shot. This makes the precision comparable to a classic, not semi-automatic airgun. This technology is also patented by our company.

The second project will bring a rifle that differs significantly from the current airguns and is very close to being indistinguishable from normal firearms. At the same time, it contains a unique valve and hammer concept system which ensure extreme efficiency with the use of compressed air. Of course, we use our top regulators for both rifles to ensure perfect muzzle velocity consistency.

In addition to the things described above, we also deal with the construction and the development of CNC lathes accessories, especially development and production automatic revolver head for 8 tools, our company has also patented this technology.