Automatic Turret Tool Head ALTAROS:

  • Patented pneumatic mechanism
  • Proudly made in the Czech Republic
  • Highly repeatable accuracy
  • Up to 8 tools
  • Fast automated tool change
  • Compact design for placement even on smaller lathes
  • Installation to control board: 1 input and 1 output
  • For Mach3-controlled lathes, fast installation

 turret head

Order of an Automatic Turret Head can be made: HERE

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Price include VAT is € 999 (for a customer in the European Union)

Price without VAT is 825 EUR (for customer outside the European Union, for example USA, Asia, South America, Africa, etc.)

VAT = Value Added Tax it is consumption tax in Europe, Japan, and other countries

For example in Canada, it is called: goods and services tax = GST

The transport cost is individual.

The shipping cost to EU countries is 27 euro.

In other countries is shipping costs approximately 100 euro.

The ALTAROS automatic turret head is designed for a quick change of up to eight tools on a classic or CNC lathe. The positioning of the tools is carried out by means of a solenoid valve controlled manually or by a program. The automatic turret head is designed primarily for the MACH 3 program.


Even a classic lathe can be converted to an automatic, computer-controlled CNC, which pays off especially for entrepreneurs and do-it-yourselfers who cannot afford an expensive CNC machining center. With the possibility of automatic tool change, machining speeds are reduced at a reasonable cost. This enhancement can also be used for small and medium-sized lathes. The automatic tool head is a semi-professional solution that significantly improves work efficiency. No need to buy machinery for millions. For craftsman who does not want CNC, it is possible to use manual control,  compared to conventional tool holder the number of usable tools is twice larger and in combination with electronic axes also increase productivity.

turret head toolsdimensions

The turret head allows the coolant to be supplied directly to the cutting edge during machining. For individual needs of your tools are provided accessories plates and instructions for making your own accessories, which will give you the coolant exactly where you need it.

The tools rotate clockwise and the tool positions are numbered.

The internal mechanism contains a minimum of moving parts and is controlled by simple electronics, so the automatic head is not prone to malfunctions. The patented mechanism is powered by compressed air, which ensures high rigidity of the tool head by its high pneumatic force. This allows highly repeatable accuracy and easy tool change. Moreover, the whole machine is very compact and can be placed on smaller lathes.

Machining - Highly repeatable accuracy

Manual control and CNC machining

To control with Mach3 software, the turret head uses a modified macro, which controls tool change and can prevent some operator errors.


The swing over slide should be bigger than 77 mm/3.03 inches!

Anyone who wants this product must be able to manufacture or otherwise obtain a custom base plate that will be attached to the slide of their type of lathe. The drawing of the plate is in the user manual. Height and attachment are individual for each lathe.

For individual customer needs, we leave on which tools they will use and what the height of the tool cubes will be. You must not exceed the recommended cutting force of 500 N. Tool cubes need to be manufactured according to the needs and dimensions of the tools. Cubes should be made of duralumin. It is not advisable to load the turret head heavily unevenly. Drawing is in the user manual.

Download the latest version of MANUAL high resolution with colored pictures HERE.

Download the control M6 macro HERE.

Using on CNC

Although we supply the product with detailed instructions and the necessary software add-on: macro controlling tool change. Installation requires some technical and computer skills. Therefore, it is important to read the user's manual before you order it, whether this product is suitable for you and that you will be able to put it into operation.

Technical data:

  • Recommended pressure 4-4,2 bar / 58-60 PSI, MAX 5 bar / 72 PSI
  • Voltage DC 12 V
  • Recommended cutting force 500 N, MAX 650 N
  • Accuracy +- 0.01 mm / 0.0004 inch
  • The axis height (height of tooltip) without a base mounting plate is 64.5 mm / 2.5394 inches
  • Tool holder for 8 tools (directly for front tools 12x12 mm, tools of other shapes are fixed around the outer edge in special jigs)
  • Control manually / automatic programs Mach3
  • One position change time 1.3 seconds


  • Packed in a solid wooden box and screwed to the bottom.
  • 11 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 kg



A combination of aircraft aluminum alloy and steel gives it durability and low weight.

Package contents

  • Automatic turning head ALTAROS for 8 tools
  • 4x screws
  • Instructions for use
  • 3x plates for aiming the coolant at the cutting edge

Warranty 2 years

On mechanical parts (not consumables) when properly maintained and handled.

Tools and tool cubes for attaching on the outer perimeter of turret head are not included!