Our new Altaros M24 rifle using bullets produced by us has long been the world record holder in achieving the lowest muzzle velocity difference within PCP rifles.

This record only highlights our long-term leading position in the market for the manufacture of high-precision pressure regulators and very soon as the world's leading manufacturer of the most accurate air rifles and ammunition.

The consistency of the muzzle velocity is a very important parameter for achieving repeatable accuracy of the rifle. The more the muzzle velocity changes, the larger the impact shift on the target. With PCP rifles, the velocity of the projectile is significantly affected by air pressure and its precise regulation ensures very good consistency (stability) of the muzzle velocity. The more precise the pressure control, the better the consistency of the muzzle velocity and the resulting rifle accuracy.

With increasing shooting distance, the effect of this factor is more significant, and at a distance of hundreds of meters, the consistency of the muzzle velocity is an essential factor in determining whether the rifle is able to hit the target repeatedly or is physically unable to do so.

Thanks to our deep expertise and many years of development of Altaros pressure regulators, the Altaros M24 has been able to incorporate an accurate type of mechanical regulator, combined with the unique patented valve mechanism first used in the M24 series. It provides extremely low muzzle velocity differences.

 The perfect result was achieved by combining the Altaros M24 rifle with an external regulator of our production. Using our .22 caliber prototype bullets with a high BC RA4 0.14 ballistic coefficient, excellent shooting results can be achieved over long distances of hundreds of meters (200-500 m). Without perfect consistency and high BC shots, it is impossible to shoot accurately over long distances!

The Altaros M24 rifle achieves the best consistency of the muzzle velocity in the world with a standard deviation of 25 consecutive shots of just 0.13 m/s. With an extreme spread of 0.43 m/s, which is a relative deviation of less than 0.16% from average speed.

LabRadar was used to measure these values. This instrument achieves high measurement accuracy, especially in differential measurements. You can see the LabRadar feature in the following older video. Now we have managed to overcome these results to even better consistency, as shown in the table below.

LabRadar measuring consistency of muzzle velocity with a maximum deviation of 0.71 m/s and a standard deviation of 0.2 m/s.

Original record data

A new record, data in m/s

A few months later, we significantly improved our record recorded in the video above by a 32% Standard deviation and by 40% in Extreme spread.

The figure below shows values directly from the LabRadar screen, unfortunately, the screen does not display more decimal places. Next, there are tables with data obtained from measurements.


The new record, data in FPS

Screen and tables with data from LabRadar