Another record in achieving the world's best consistency of the muzzle velocity is HERE.

We used the Christmas holiday in Altaros company to set a new World Record in the longest Airgun hit.

The current record is 1400 yards (1280 meters) and was hit a chain wall target of size 22x18"

Video of the record:


Air Rifle: Altaros M24 .22     Custom   -    Output pressure 195bar

Barrel: 26,5”  Kuna  1:9 Twist

Optic: SWFA 20x42

Ammunition:  Altaros bullets .22  BT 61 grain


Special Equipment:  MOA booster set to + 170mRad ( almost 10 degrees )

The beginnings of airgun LR shooting in our Altaros team date back to autumn 2018 when we first broke the 400 yards limit with our made prototype rifle M24  and our special made bullets.

One of the first presentations of these achievements is here :

Then followed increase distance to + 500 m and 600 yards:

and getting world record in achieving the lowest muzzle velocity difference. The standard deviation of 25 consecutive shots was just only 0.44 fps ( 0.13 m/s )

Detail information about this achievement: HERE

All these gradual steps and improvements have brought us to the limit of 1400 yards and this world record.