Frequently Asked Questions

The regulator alone can never increase the power of the rifle, it is physically impossible!

How many shots will be discharged at given energy after having installed the regulators?
This most frequent question can never be answered accurately since the number of shots varies even when the same rifle with the same regulator and setting is concerned. Thus identical rifles of the same power may differ in as much as 30% of a number of shots fired. A rough estimate can be made only on the basis of measuring the same gun with the same energy and caliber. Unfortunately, details of the measuring of all brands, different models, and different settings are not in our possession. As it would be necessary to own every model rifle in a given caliber for which the regulators are made, which is not possible.

Will I have the same muzzle energy after installing the regulator?

Generally, having installed the regulator, the energy maximum will not undergo any change, or it can get lower, and after the maximum energy of the rifle has been achieved, the energy of the discharged shot will always reduce. It is primarily due to the fact that even when the regulator is set to the same pressure at which the rifle achieves the energy, having installed the regulator, air does not flow directly from the air tube (tank)  through a valve, but the air passes through the regulator at first, in which it is slowed down. Therefore pressure in the regulator chamber drops as well as the pressure in the valve. Thus without the regulator, the pellet gets less air which is under lower pressure, and it results in lower energy being reached. To compensate for this fact, an appropriate size of the regulator chamber must be selected.

Is it possible to change the output pressure of the regulator?
Yes, it is. The output pressure of the regulator can be set up by default in the range of 100-150bar according to the scale. The output pressure can be further changed with self-help at any time according to the instructions for using a flat screwdriver. If a lower output pressure is required, please, specify this in your order. The maximum output pressure is 150b. If necessary, we can agree on adjusting the maximum output pressure scale up to 170bar for some types of regulators (gunpower, Daystats).

Regulator scale and how to change pressure on regulator can be found here

Is it necessary to perform maintenance of the regulator?
The regulator is meant to be maintenance-free (there is no need for lubrication or change of any kind). The only problem can occur when dirt enters the sealing device. In this case, please, contact us and wait for further instructions. It is essential not to disassemble the regulator without consulting us. Since there is a high probability of damaging the regulator, as the special instructions for regulator disassembling are required!
Regulators were tested with a special device simulating the same conditions which occur in the rifle during the shooting. For this purpose, a representative striker mechanism was made. Input pressure was provided by a diving bottle.  Several regulators were to perform 100,000 cycles, which corresponds to 100,000 shots, and then the output pressure of the regulators was tested. Subsequently, the regulators were disassembled and subjected to the analysis of internal components. Having been tested for 100,000 cycles, the regulators still worked properly, and the internal components together with the seals were not damaged, nor did they show any sign of wear.

Having installed the regulator, will I get the same consistency of velocity as presented on your website?
All measurements of the rifles presented on this site have only an informative character as such and should not be regarded as values guaranteed after the regulator having been installed since the actual measuring depends on many factors which the regulator has no impact on. Those factors are:
- rifle calibration
- repetitive (in)accuracy of the striker mechanism
- the quality of ammunition (type, damage)
- means of pellets insertion
- chronometer accuracy (depending on the light, the lack of infrared diodes results in measurement inaccuracy)

Why the number of shots decreased after the regulator had been installed?
Before answering this question, it is important to point out that the regulator does not increase the number of shots fired per one filling of the air tube (tank). What increases is the number of consistent shots (of the same or very similar velocity) per one filling of the air tube (tank). This means that after the regulator has been installed, it is possible to shoot e.g. 1.5 - 4 times the same or even more accurate shots than without the regulator per one filling of the air tube.
Therefore the total number of shots (not depending on the consistency of muzzle velocity) might have decreased for two reasons. One of them is that the regulator consumes the space in the already filled up air tube which contains less air than before the installation of the regulator. The second reason is that the rifle is not set up correctly; a striker spring is preloaded too much and the valve closes too slowly, which might not result in more energy being given to the shots but in 2-3 times more air consumption. The most convenient way of reducing the air consumption is by adjusting the striker spring to the minimum preload, or increasing the preload of the valve spring, or using a stronger spring for the valve.