ATP bullets are manufactured by using the unique lead turning technology on a precision CNC machine that Altaros has developed first in the world. The bullets produced by this technology have very precise dimensions resulting in almost zero weight difference with excellent axial symmetry. That can't be achieved by any other method currently used. ATP bullets achieve a high ballistic coefficient of BC 0.15, which is the highest on the market.

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  • High precision
  • Precise shape
  • Perfect symmetry and balance
  • The highest ballistic coefficient on the market BC 0.15 (function G1 at muzzle velocity 279 m/s)
  • Extremely low weight differences - Significantly improved muzzle velocity consistency
  • Peripheral grooves for reduced friction allow easy insertion into the barrel
  • Almost pure lead for maximum expansion at the target and friendly to the barrel
  • Choose from 5.50 mm ( .2165), 5.49 mm ( .2161) and 5.48 mm ( .2157) for your airgun (see below)
  • Successfully tested in airgun choked barrels from major manufacturers Lothar Walther barrel and CZ barrel.
  • Packed individually in extremely durable packaging.

Package tested by 17 feet (5 m) drop test