New filling adapter with manometer

More info: HERE

This adapter is designed for diving cylinders with a valve with a standard G5/8 thread. It also includes a manometer with a scale of up to 400 bar and an operating pressure is up to 320 bar. It is connected by a highly flexible tube of 31,5 inches / 80 cm in length with minimal internal volume, which saves air during filling. It ends with a standard quick coupler that ensures a secure connection but is still very easy to disconnect with minimal force.

The filling adapter uses a proven venting screw that seals properly even after years of intensive use, but at the same time, it can be loosened or tightened simply with your fingers.


Altaros ATP Slugs dominated on the Oregon Extreme Airgun Competition 145 to 300 Long Range Challenge

Altaros ATP slugs took 1st and 3rd place on Long Range Challenge at the Oregon Event this past weekend shooting 140 to 300 yards.
1st used .25 ATP Smooth 49.5 grain and 3rd was used ATP .22 King 40 grain.
Congrats to winners Tony Pellegrino so also to third place Brad Stevenson. Also congrats to Scott Hull ( Scotchmo) for second place with his custom 7mm buld airgun.
We also want to thank the Centercut team for their trust in our ATP slugs and their public support.
Finally, I would like to thank Airgun Oregon very much for organizing and creating this excellent competition event and for allowing us to participate as a sponsor.
A big thank goes also to Wayne Burns without this competition would not have happened.

Airgun Altaros M24 - Increasing power and shot count, New spare magazine

We would like to inform you that the current stock M24 rifles have already been delivered new elements in the
form of the possibility to fill the airtube up to 300bar and the possibility to set the output pressure from the
regulator up to the limit of 250bar. Thanks to this, more power can be achieved and the shot count can be
The green field is the recommended output pressure in the form of a suitable ratio of power and air consumption,
as well as the pressure to which the rifle is primarily set from the factory.

We would also like to officially announce that it is possible to order Altaros M24 airgun from our second e-shop  hire  also for customers from the USA.
We have also added to the ehsop the possibility of purchasing spare magazines for all types of our ATP .25 slugs, not just for the ATP Queen. spare magazine

ALTAROS M24 with magazine

Now we produce ALTAROS M24 in .22 and .25 equiped with 5-round magazine.

Airguns M24

New external regulator

More info: HERE

External regulator with the ability to quickly and simply smoothly change the output pressure from 70 - 250bar. Input and output for standard quick coupling.

This regulator can be used for any air rifle, to maintain airtube at a stable pressure, which ensures significantly more consistent (precise) shooting, especially for rifles that are not equipped with any regulator as standard. 

Even airgun equipped with a regulator will improve consistency, as this will create a cascade regulation and the original regulator will work more accurately.

It is most suitable for comfortable shooting from airgun, especially high-power, when it allows you to connect a full 300bar bottle permanently to the rifle and comfortably fire hundreds of shots without the need to fill the airtube or check pressure.

Mister of Europe with slugs Altaros ATP KING 5.52

New World Record Longest Airgun Hit - 1MOA target hit at 1777 yards

Used our Altaros M24 airgun and our CNC turned slugs .223 ATP Super King 67gr


New slug ATP QUEEN 60gr 6.35mm suitable for Lothar Walther and CZ with and without choke!

ATP QUEEN 60gr 6.36mm suitable for FX airguns with STX superior heavy liner or STX slug 1:18 twist barrel.

Parameters of SLUGs:

  • Ballistic coefficient BC 0.245 (function G1), BC 0.128 (function G7-recommended use this G7 function)
  • Diameter - 6.36 mm .2504"
  • Weight - 3.92 g - 60 grain
  • Length - 12.9mm 0.51"
  • Quantity 100 pcs



ALTAROS Hybrid booster

The Hybrid version has the features of the ALTAROS booster and adds the possibility of fast filling from a bottle with less pressure even outside the home, regardless of the workshop compressor or electricity outlet, eg on the shooting range. You can fill up to 3x more bottles (airgun's cartridges) from one source bottle than without it. Tested filling from a 3L bottle from 300 bar to 80 bar filled 8x 0.48L bottles from 200 to 250 bar.

Hybrid - Thanks to the additional regulator and set of parts, you can transform the booster used to pressurize the bottle using the drive air from the workshop compressor into a B2B booster that is driven only from a bottle. The source bottle is connected to regulator, the air from it is divided into an outlet, which serves as a source of high-pressure air and into air with a low pressure of about 5 bar, which serves to drive the booster.

This version is an extension of the basic version of the booster and is not as effective in bottle-to-bottle filling as the B2B násobiče,which only serves this purpose and its efficiency is higher, but it is not possible to fill a bottle from a conventional compressor..


Video with all configurations of the booster:

B2B booster (from bottle to bottle)

We have created a new version of our popular multiplier:

The acronym B2B stands for Bottle to Bottle, which means that the booster is primarily designed to make full use of the remaining low pressure in the main pressure bottle.

This version therefore allows you to use under 200 bar pressure from the main pressure bottle to fill your airgun or a smaller bottle to the full 300 bar and thereby ensure the full number of shots from the airgun.

Compared to the current single-piston variants on the market, this version is up to 2 times more efficient (you fill twice as many bottles) and faster + there are many other benefits and improvements.


Comparison of the number of filled bottles with and without the B2B multiplier. Drive mode - drive air only from a 2 L source bottle.

B2B fill

With the B2B multiplier, you get from one bottle what would be needed for 4. This way, the trip to the shooting range will be much more comfortable. Drive mode - drive air only from the source bottle.

B2B vs 4 bottles

More information in this video:

Slugs for airguns ALTAROS ATP

The new slugs for Altaros ATP airguns are produced with the unique technology of turning lead bullets on a precision CNC machine, which Altaros was the first to develop in the world. Projectiles produced with this technology have very precise dimensions, thanks to which they achieve almost zero weight difference with excellent axial symmetry, which cannot be achieved by any other currently used method. ATP bullets achieve a high BC 0.15 ballistic coefficient, which is the highest on the market.

More info HERE

Parameters of SLUGS:

  • Ballistic coefficient BC 0.15 (function G1)
  • Diameter - 5.52 mm .2173
  • Weight - 2.02g - 31 grain
  • Length - 9.4mm 0.38 suitable for the majority of magazines
  • Quantity 110 pcs


  • High precision
  • Precise shape
  • Perfect symmetry and balance
  • The highest ballistic coefficient on the market BC 0.15 (function G1 at muzzle velocity 279 m/s)
  • Extremely low weight differences - Significantly improved muzzle velocity consistency
  • Peripheral grooves for reduced friction allow easy insertion into the barrel
  • Almost pure lead (99.9% Pb) for maximum expansion at the target and friendly to the barrel
  • Choose from 5.52 mm (.2173), 5.50 mm ( .2165), 5.49 mm ( .2161) and 5.48 mm ( .2157) for your rifle
  • Successfully tested in barrels from major manufacturers and CZ barrels.
  • Successfully tested in airgun choked barrels from major manufacturers Lothar Walther barrel and CZ barrel.
  • Packed individually in extremely durable packaging.
  • Ballistic parameters

Visit: Customers reviews

Packege tested by droping from 5 meters

Another record in achieving the world's best consistency of the muzzle velocity is HERE.

We used the Christmas holiday in Altaros company to set a new World Record in the longest Airgun hit.

The current record is 1400 yards (1280 meters) and was hit a chain wall target of size 22x18"

Video of the record:


Air Rifle: Altaros M24 .22     Custom   -    Output pressure 195bar

Barrel: 26,5”  Kuna  1:9 Twist

Optic: SWFA 20x42

Ammunition:  Altaros bullets .22  BT 61 grain


Special Equipment:  MOA booster set to + 170mRad ( almost 10 degrees )


The current world record in achieving the lowest muzzle velocity difference with an air rifle

Our new Altaros M24 rifle using bullets produced by us has long been the world record holder in achieving the lowest muzzle velocity difference within PCP rifles.

This record only highlights our long-term leading position in the market for the manufacture of high-precision pressure regulators and very soon as the world's leading manufacturer of the most accurate air rifles and ammunition.

 The perfect result was achieved by combining the Altaros M24 rifle with an external regulator of our production. Using our .22 caliber prototype bullets with a high BC RA4 0.14 ballistic coefficient, excellent shooting results can be achieved over long distances of hundreds of meters (200-500 m). Without perfect consistency and high BC shots, it is impossible to shoot accurately over long distances!

More information: Record in muzzle velocity consistency

ALTAROS SA Assassin Black Edition -> HERE

Our air rifle in modern black tactical color.

Assassin Black edit

SA Assassin Black edition


We would like to present semiautomatic air rifle ALTAROS SA Assassin caliber .177 with power  16 Joules.