Reviews and experiences of our customers with ATP bullets, you can find here new results sent to us by the shooters together with data about the airgun used, etc.

Results of ATP 5.52 at 100 yards!

FX Impact M3 

Avg V = 893 f/s

Valve > 2.5 turn

Macro 16, Micro 4

1st reg 148 bar

2nd reg 120 bar

Shoot from magazine with original pellet probe

Result of ATP 5.52 at 111 yards!

First Results at 25 and 50 yards. 


FX impact MKII

Pellet liner 700mm

Using power plenum

Regulator setting 150 bar

ATP 5.50mm

Steve Scialli, YouTube: AEAC, @hookedonair

Airgun: Air Venturi Avenger .22

ATP 5.48/5.49/5.50