Shortcut B2B means Bottle to Bottle which means that it is primarily intended to use the low remaining pressure in the cylinder to fill another smaller cylinder or PCP airgun tank. 

This version, therefore, allows you to use the pressure below 200bar in your main bottle to fill your airgun or a small bottle to a full 300bar and thus ensure a full shot count of your airgun.

Compared to the current single-piston variants on the market, it is up to 2 times more efficient (you fill twice as many bottles) and many times faster + many other benefits and improvements


Comparison of the number of filled bottles with and without the use of a B2B Booster. Drive mode - driving air only from source bottle 2 L.

B2B fill

With the B2B Booster, you get from one bottle what you get out of 4 bottles without it. It makes your way to the shooting range way easier. Drive mode - driving air only from source bottle.

B2B vs 4 bottles

More information you will find in the video.