The Hybrid version has the features of the ALTAROS booster and adds the possibility of fast filling from a bottle with less pressure even outside the home, regardless of the compressor or electricity outlet, eg on the shooting range. You can fill up to 3x more bottles (airgun's cartridges) from one source bottle than without it. Tested filling from a 3L bottle from 300 bar to 80 bar filled 8x 0.48L bottles from 200 to 250 bar.

Hybrid - Thanks to the additional regulator and set of parts, you can transform the booster used to pressurize the bottle using the drive air from the compressor into a B2B booster that is driven only from a bottle. The source bottle is connected to regulator, the air from it is divided into an outlet, which serves as a source of high-pressure air and into air with a low pressure of about 5 bar, which serves to drive the booster. 


Video showing various configurations of the hybrid booster:

This version is an extension of the basic version of the booster and is not as effective in bottle-to-bottle filling as the B2B Booster version, which only serves this purpose and its efficiency is higher, but it is not possible to fill a bottle from a conventional compressor.