Achieving this record would not have been possible without extremely good muzzle velocity consistency. You can find more HERE

1 Mile Airgun Shooting - First Time in History - Part Two

1 Mile Airgun Shooting - First Time in History - Part One

Here we will gradually add more other video parts of this mini-series with shooting at insanely long-range distances, and at the same time, we will gradually reveal here the newly prepared Altaros M24 rifle, which will be able to shoot even more accurately and at a longer distance than the rifle in the video on one mile !

We will offer the rifle in a unique set with all the needed accessories for shooting over 1000 yards right out of the box.

We present the first taste in the appearance of the new aluminum stock, which provides to the rifle  high rigidity, fully adjustable stock elements and an exclusive look:

M24_alluminium stock1M24_alluminium stock1

These sets will be released in a very limited number and will be available as a backorder.

If you are interested contact us at: