Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX

Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX
  • Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX
  • Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX
  • Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX
  • Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX
  • Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX
  • Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX
  • Airgun Slugs ATP 5.52mm .217 Suitable for FX

A new type of patented airgun turned lead slugs for the 21st century suitable for FX ATP - Altaros Turned Projectiles.

ATP slugs are manufactured by using the unique lead turning technology on a precision CNC machine that Altaros has developed first in the world. Slugs produced by this technology have very precise dimensions resulting in almost zero weight difference with excellent axial symmetry. That can't be achieved by any other method currently used. ATP slugs achieve a high ballistic coefficient of BC 0.15, which is the highest on the market.

These key features predetermine ATP to achieve maximum accuracy and stability when shooting at tens or hundreds of meters. Slugs made with this technology currently hold a world record of hitting target on 1 MILE from an airgun!



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Suitable for FX airguns with STX superior liner barrel and superior heavy liner!

For other rifles with different barrels, it is advisable to find out the appropriate size of the projectiles. 

The recommended muzzle velocity is around 280 m/s - 900 fps and lower. The maximum speed is up to 300 m/s (up to 980 fps)!

Parameters of SLUGS:

  • Ballistic coefficient BC 0.15 (function G1)
  • Diameter - 5.52 mm .2173
  • Weight - 2.02g - 31 grain
  • Length - 9.4mm 0.38 suitable for the majority of magazines
  • Quantity 110 pcs


  • High precision
  • Precise shape
  • Perfect symmetry and balance
  • The highest ballistic coefficient on the market BC 0.15 (function G1 at muzzle velocity 279 m/s)
  • Extremely low weight differences - Significantly improved muzzle velocity consistency
  • Peripheral grooves for reduced friction allow easy insertion into the barrel
  • Almost pure lead (99.9% Pb) for maximum expansion at the target and friendly to the barrel
  • Choose from 5.52 mm (.2173), 5.50 mm ( .2165), 5.49 mm ( .2161) and 5.48 mm ( .2157) for your rifle
  • Successfully tested in barrels from major manufacturers and CZ barrels.
  • Successfully tested in airgun choked barrels from major manufacturers Lothar Walther barrel and CZ barrel.
  • Packed individually in extremely durable packaging.
  • Ballistic parameters

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Extremely durable packaging:

Packed with emphasis on the maximum safety of slugs during transport. The slugs are seated individually in a resilient foam that absorbs shocks. The entire package is vacuumed, thus pressing the two halves of the package firmly and preventing slugs from moving in any way. This will prevent their mutual compression and deformation. In this package, the slugs retain a perfect turned shape even after a long, difficult journey and rough handling.

Package tested by 17 feet (5 m) drop test

Examples of real shooting with ATP .22

1 MOA target at 205m, ATP 5.49 mm with Altaros M24 caliber .22

Accurate shooting at 500 m, ATP 5.50 mm with Altaros M24

The appearance of the surface of the slugs may vary from one package to another, but this does not affect functionality or accuracy.

Price in USD may vary depending on the actual exchange rate.

Comparison of ballistic parameters of ATP slugs against other products on the market

Muzzle energy 80J

Wind drift

snos větrem

Impact energy

Dopadová energie

Real measurement on airgun Vulcan .22

Measured wind drift

Measured kinetic energy

Measured impact energy

Měřený snos větrem