FX Airgun Royale 400

FX Airgun Royale 400
  • FX Airgun Royale 400
  • FX Airgun Royale 400
  • FX Airgun Royale 400 / FX Boss
  • FX Airgun Royale 400 / FX Boss
  • FX Airgun Royale 400
  • FX Airgun Royale 400
  • FX Airgun Royale 400

Years proven regulators (since 2010) used by thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

This regulator can be installed in most airguns which use standard airtank with thread M 18x1,5.

With regulator is also send nylon spacer ring and two USIT o-rings with different thickness, which can be used in the case when gauge and filling pin is not in a good position.

Download instructions: HERE

  • 250 char. max
Caliber: .177 /4.5mm
Required energy with regulator: 7,5J / 5,5 ft/lbs


The Airgun Regulator is the same as regulator for rifles gunpower, the only change is that in the package is also nylon spacer ring, which is used in the case when gauge and filling pin is not in a good position. It is a simple installation without adjustments on rifle, so everything can be returned back. All you need to do is unscrew the bottle from airgun body (before screwing launch air). Then screw regulator between the bottle and airgun body. Regulator with vented to atmosphere. After installing the regulator NEVER fill by quick fill on the airgun, only by quick fill on regulator. For the filling you must purchase paintball coupling, which is the same as gun marauder or more. Do not use the pin as a lever for tightening regulator. For that is added screw-in spare o-rings.

Videos for installation and proper use regulator in the airgun FX Royale 400

Installation is simmilar to FX Airgun Royale 400 

Video Installation for Sniper X2 bottle version which has airgun under barrel

What to do when your output pressure increasing over time? This is most likely caused by dirt on o-ring on plastic screw.

In this video is shown how remove dirt and replace o-ring. In video is used Gunpower regulator. Procedure is the same for other regulators.

Video how to take regulator out of regulator body

Setting output pressure on regulator

Installation instructions for FX Royale 400 rifle pressure regulator

Main points in installation procedure (for installation, it is advisable to use a heat gun)

1) Drain pressure from airtank. An appropriate procedure is to shoot without pellets to drain air to pressure around 50-100 bar and then slightly loosen pressure gauge on airgun, by unscrewing gauge you will release the rest of pressure.

2) Remove the airtank from the body rifles

3) Since the airtank is installed after the regulator it is extended by 47 mm, so it is necessary to move the silencer on the barrel a little bit ahead. First, unscrew the damper securing screw (worm). The silencer can be mounted on the glue, it is appropriate to re-use the heat gun. Then it will be possible to move with silencer. 

4) Carry regulator installation according to the detailed instructions below.

It is appropriate before reading the instructions look at the video instructions and then read the instructions for avoiding common mistakes during installation FX Airrange Royale 400

Unscrew airtank + cleaning

Before removing plug we need to drain all air from airtube. When you installing regulator you have to remove valve piston part

Mount Altaros regulator

Screw regulátor on plug. We have to be sure that the regulator has in the groove the o-ring. Then screw the regulator back into the bottle and check again presence of o-ring in the neck of the bottle. Check the o-rings (cleanliness, if they are without damage) on filling pin and manometer. Pin and manometer screw-on regulator only with fingers, screw them so much that the upper larger cylinder of manometer and pin are touching regulator perimeter. Slot for pin and manometer can be changed depending on where you get more comfortable with his position, You can make a small correction and unscrew bottle little bit (no need to complete attachment to the wall). When your manometer and pin has bad position you can insert black nylon ring in place o-ring. This changes the position after screwing.

Filling and draining air

NEVER fill air through valve on airtube, but always fill through quick fill on regulator. If is all ok, connect Paintball coupler and fill airtube. Be sure that paintball coupler ball lock is fall in. First filling make slowly around 2-3 per the second Bar. According to the type of bottle can be pressurized up to 250 bar (3600 PSI). After filling to set pressure drain air from hose and disconnect paintball coupler.

Setting pressure of airgun regulator

Altaros regulator output pressure can be set from 100bar (1450 PSI) to 150bar (2200 PSI) and after consultation of up to 170bar (2500PSI) which corresponds to the rotation of the screw behind value 150bar so that the line of the screw is pointing to the letter R. For a quick setting is on regulator engraved scale according to which the desired output pressure can be set. The total scale range of 100-150bar corresponds to approximately 2/3 turn Unscrewing, or screwing setting screw more than 1 turn may result in a malfunction of the regulation and scale will not show you regulated pressure. Groove on red marked half of setting plastic screw represents pointer which shows you currently set pressure on the scale. To change the pressure on regulator, just simply rotate the set screw with the flat screwdriver in the appropriate direction according to regulator scale.

Regulator pressure scale with three different settings

In this picture you will find an old scale (set at 100 bar), which we no longer sell.

Shipment contains

  • Altaros Regulator
  • Pin and manometer
  • 2 pieces 2×1 o-rings for bolt on pin
  • 3 pieces 4×1 for pin and manometer
  • 1 piece 19×2,5 seal between the valve and the regulator body


You must keep maximum cleanness in the entire pressure system (airtube and outer o-rings). Do not disassemble the regulator without previous approval, which will be awarded based on e-mail correspondence, where you provide the reason why it would be necessary to disassemble the regulator. In the case of a breach of this procedure you may damage the regulator function (fully assembled regulator is not simple and it is necessary to follow the correct procedure). For these reasons, the disassembly without previous consent, or failure exact installation procedure can not claim the warranty. Since regulator is not original part from the manufacturer’s, installation is on your own responsibility.

Results with installed regulator in airgun FX Royale 400

Fx royale results without regulator:

Fx royale results without regulator

Fx royale results with regulator set on 150 bar with 18.1 grain JSB , caliber .22 :

Fx comparison results

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