Evanix Rex model with airtube

Evanix ( models with airtube )
  • Evanix ( models with airtube )
  • Evanix ( models with airtube )
  • Evanix ( models with airtube )
  • Evanix (models with airtube)

This Airgun Regulator is vented to atmosphere, but without drilling in the airtube. Simple installation.

  • 250 char. max
Caliber: .177 /4.5mm
Required energy with regulator: 7,5J / 5,5 ft/lbs


High precion of regulation


Regulators for PCP guns. Unique technologic solution


A proud sponsor of the World and European Championships in HFT. We support shooters from all over the world


A 2 year warranty is provided for the goods. Best quality guarantee from Altaros.

This Airgun Regulator is vented to atmosphere, but without drilling in the airtube. Simple installation. Just unscrew the air tube from airgun body, unscrew valve, push regulator in, screw valve back. Then screw airtube back in airgun and installation is done.

Videos for installation and proper use regulator in the airgun Evanix Rex

Evanix Rex video Installation

Setting output pressure on regulator

What to do when your output pressure increasing over time? This is most likely caused by dirt on o-ring on plastic screw.

In this video is shown how to remove dirt and replace o-ring. In video is used Gunpower regulator. Procedure is the same for other regulators.

Video how to take regulator out of regulator body

Correct clean air tube and regulator

Installation instructions for Airgun Evanix Rexair rifle pressure regulator

Check video installation

Setting pressure of airgun regulator

Altaros regulator output pressure can be set from 100bar (1450 PSI) to 150bar (2200 PSI) and after consultation of up to 170bar (2500PSI) which corresponds to the rotation of the screw behind value 150bar so that the line of the screw is pointing to the letter R. For a quick setting is on regulator engraved scale according to which the desired output pressure can be set. The total scale range of 100-150bar corresponds to approximately 2/3 turn Unscrewing, or screwing setting screw more than 1 turn may result in a malfunction of the regulation and scale will not show you regulated pressure. Groove on red marked half of setting plastic screw represents pointer which shows you currently set pressure on the scale. To change the pressure on regulator, just simply rotate the set screw with the flat screwdriver in the appropriate direction according to regulator scale.

Regulator pressure scale with three different settings

In this picture you will find an old scale (set at 100 bar), which we no longer sell.

Results with installed regulator in air gun Evanix Rex

Evanix REX regulator results for .30 cal with JSB 2.9g

Fill pressure 220 bar

.30 JSB 2.9g is result without regulator

Regulator 12cc is regulator without extra airchamber

Regulator 20cc is regulator with one extra airchamber

Regulator 28cc is regulator with two extra airchambers

Regulator is sold with one air chamber, if you have big bore caliber and want one extra airchamber fill this info in a note next to order. Air chamber cost 10 euro.

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