External airgun regulator

External airgun regulator
  • External airgun regulator
  • External airgun regulator
  • External airgun regulator
  • External airgun regulator
  • External airgun regulator
  • External regulator for airguns
  • Paintball coupling

External Regulator for bottles with valve which have standard thread DIN (G5/8) with the option to change the output pressure from 100 to 210 bar. This Regulator can be used for any air gun having a filling adapter that is attached to the hose. After connecting to the bottle regulator will maintain stable pressure in the airtube which ensures much more consistent (more accurate) shooting with rifles, which do not have own regulator.



The wide range of output pressure (maximum pressure 210bar) and due to the fact that the regulator does not limit the flow to the valve (Regulator air chamber is the entire cartridge), this external regulator is especially suited for rifles, which are set at very high muzzle energy. In case that airgun has smaller air consumption ( decrease of regulated pressure in hoose is small between shots ) there can be some difference in regulated pressure between shots. The regulator includes a venting screw and thus when is adjusting screw from external regulator unscrewed then regulator can be used as a classic filling adapter on max 250 bar.

With regulator is sent 300 bar hose with thread G1/8 on end is screwed foster coupling

The regulator is lately supplied with an adapter for a paintball foster coupling that can be placed on the other end instead of mounting the external regulator in a bottle. If you use the adapter, it must be tightened firmly by hand or gently with tools. If the thread stays loose the pressure can damage the adapter, but the small screw-thread can be damaged by using too much force with tools!

Pressure adjustment

Adjustment of the regulator is done by a plastic screw at the bottom with a groove, then the setting is checked on a manometer. The total scale range of 100-210 bar corresponds to approximately 1,5 turn. Make each adjustment a maximum of 1/4 turn and then check the resulting pressure on the pressure gauge (manometer), repeat until the desired pressure is reached. Screwing or unscrewing more than 2 turns (out of range) may cause the ragulation malfunction.

To increase the pressure it is necessary to turn the screw counterclockwise (unscrew). To reduce the outlet pressure, turn clockwise (screw in). To change the pressure, simply turn the inner screw in the appropriate direction to the desired value using a flat screwdriver.

Video demonstration

Video: Pressure adjustment on similar products

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