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Price outside EU (USA, Asia...): 1,086 USD

Go to the higher level of shooting and take advantage of the freedom offered by ALTAROS SA Assassin semi-automatic airgun. The unique patented mechanism allows repeated shots without the need for constant manual cocking, without increased air consumption, as this design uses only the exhaust air that is generated with each shot anyway. The highest quality regulator and barrel guarantee high precision.

Try action shooting IPSC, fast targeting, or reloading. Move beyond of what single-shot airgun can offer you. Simple, highly functional design ensures comfort in shooting with fully adjust airgun for you, or your kids.

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Altaros SA Assassin - New SEMI-AUTO PCP rifle review

Altaros SA Assassin - ScopeCam

Altaros SA Assassin - Presentation + First-person view action shooting

Altaros SA Assassin - Deactivation of semi-auto mode

This semi-automatic .177 (4.5 mm) airgun achieves high precision with the possibility of continuous shooting up to nine shots and a simple magazine reload. The lightweight airtube is fitted with a manometer on the front, giving you a perfect overview of the current pressure, the remaining number of shots and when you need to start filling. You can easily fill the pressure with filling adapter up to 190 bar. This will give you 50 accurate shots.

Rychlopnění s manometrem

The 11 mm mounting rail is designed to attach various optical sights, from collimators to the riflescopes. Unlike most other manufacturers, the SA Assassin airgun is also supplied with a filling adapter that can be screwed into the scuba tank. With filling adapter is airgun quickly ready for use.

Magazine and its benefits

Airgun is delivered with two laser labeled magazines with 9 shot capacity. The label will show you a number of remaining shots. An overview of the number of remaining shots increases safety, along with the stop function after the last shot.

ALTAROS SA Assassin magazine

ALTAROS SA Assassin magazine

Stock and its adjustability

Shoulder stock with cheekpiece can be adapted to the needs of every shooter. The cheekpiece can be quickly adjusted with a side bolt that can be unscrewed by hand only.

ALTAROS SA Assassin cheekpiece down

Thanks to the laser-labeled scale, you can instantly set up your favorite position.

ALTAROS SA Assassin Adjustable but

ALTAROS SA Assassin Adjustable stock 2

Why buy SA Assassin ?

Semi-automatic shooting, each pull, one shot

The precise pressure regulator ensures consistent shooting

Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy airtube with quick-fill and manometer

Supplied with a filling adapter and high-pressure hose

The package includes 2 magazines for 9 pellets, with the option to order more

The Airgun uses basis from years proven CZ 200 airgun concept

Countdowns of the remaining shots with the shot stop function after the last shot

Convenient for right and left-handed users

Full length and height adjustable stock including adjustable butt

The Bullpup design ensures Compact size

BlowBack design for a more realistic shooting experience

Mounting rail 11 mm

Tactical Pistol Grip


Technical parameters

Caliber .117 (4,5 mm), power 16 J

Airtube with volume 120 cc, Max pressure 190 bar

Airgun height: 190 mm

Airgun width: 40 mm

Length of airgun with retracted stock: 850 mm

Length of airgun with extended stock (10): 945 mm

Airgun weight: 3 280 g

Package contents

Semi-automatic airgun ALTAROS SA Assassin caliber 4,5 mm with max power 16 Joule

2 pieces of 9th shot magazine

Filling adapter with standard thread G 5/8 used in diving bottles

Set of spare O-rings

Foster plug (paintball)

Our approved, reliable lubricant on the moving parts of the airgun

Instruction manual for SA Assassin and CZ 200

The Package only contains what is described above in the Package contents.

It does not include the accessories shown in the photos (riflescope, collimator or bipod).

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