Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version

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Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version
  • Altaros M24 .22 - Magazine version

We are now shipping rifles to the USA & EU!

The Altaros M24 air rifle is based on the legendary US Army M24 sniper rifle. This PCP version of M24 rifle excels especially when shooting at extreme distances of hundreds of meters, which were unattainable a few years ago. When using our CNC turned lead bullets in this airgun you are creating a system with which you can experience a unique shooting experience that no other competing system in the world currently offers. Accurate shooting at 500 meters and more is becoming a common reality for air rifles these days. Its appearance and properties are close to a real firearm, but it retains the advantages of an airgun, in the form of quiet and cheap shooting, without the need to visit the shooting range.

Order in EU &



Order inside EU and USA can be made on our specialized eshop:

The rifle cannot be transported outside the European Union except the USA. If you are a customer outside the EU ( England, Russia, Africa, Asia etc.) do not even try to buy a rifle, the e-shop will allow you to complete the order, but this will cause complications with the return of payment. WE DO NOT HAVE THE POSSIBILITY TO SEND THE RIFLE OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION EXCEPT USA !!

For USA customers only, READ THIS before ordering! 

Accurate shooting at 500 meters and more is becoming a common reality for air rifles these days.

To preserve the original appearance, the 120ml air container was integrated into the barrel. The regulator equipped with a filling pin and manometers of pressure in the cartridge and regulated pressure is located on the underside in the hole in the forearm. 

The rifle is single-shot, the pellet or slug is inserted into the groove after the bolt handle is pulled back and will be inserted into the barrel by closing the bolt. The bolt handle is then lock into the slot to secure the bolt during the shot.

Altaros M24 rifle with the same concept, only tuned for slightly higher performance and using another barrel has been holding the world record for +3 years, air rifle hit at 1,280 m, more HERE.

New - rifle equipped with a replaceable magazine for 5 Altaros ATP slugs. This brings the rifle even closer to its real M24 SWS firearms. The magazine enables convenient prone shooting as well as quick shooting by itself.

The rifle has a newly installed Adjustable mounting rail for optic, which allows you to fold down the entire mounting rail and thus use the full potential of the riflescope, similar to FX mounts, with the difference that it can use any mounts on the market

Technical parameters

Caliber: .22, 5,5 mm

Airgun barrel from Lothar Walther length 600mm with choke  twist 1:17,7 (450mm)

Exchangeable magazine for 5x  Altaros ATP KING 5.50 Slug

Barrel ends by external thread 1/2 UNF

Adjustable mounting rail for optic - picatinny   0 - 30 mRad ,  0 - 100 MOA


Container with volume of 120 ml is situated inside the barrel

Airgun weight: 3,75 Kg   

Length: 111 cm

Power / number of shots

  • 16J/12fpe / 100 shots,
  • 40J/30fpe / 40 shots,
  • 75J/55fpe / 10 shots

The airgun is set from factory to power 70-75J /51-55fpe  (output pressure 150-160bar)

Recommended ammunition: ATP KING 5.50 , ATP 5.5  or  ATP smooth 5.52

For download:

User manual for M24: HERE

Manual for tuning of the energy, tips for precise long-range shooting: HERE

Manual for MAGAZINE: text HERE, video manual HERE

Manual for the adjustable mounting rail: HERE

Package contents:

  • M24 airgun
  • Filling adapter with quick coupling
  • Key 7mm, Allen key 3mm
  • 2x plastic piece for extension and securing of the stock
  • Set of spare O-rings
  • Manual for use and tuning

Package does NOT contain: scope, mounting rings, silencer, bipod

Note: Minor optical surface defects may occur on the stock and bolt housing.

Altaros M24 Magazine .25 caliber - 238m- rapid fire

Altaros M24 (.25) Magazine version

Review of the Altaros M24 rifle by Gregor Kamenšek:

1 MOA target at 205m with Altaros .22 airgun

Precision shooting at 500 m with .22 Airgun !

Outdoor shooting in fresh wind at 500 m at 10x10 inches target with success rate of 40%.

600 Yards with Altaros .22 Airgun - Scope Cam and Zoom Cam

Outside shooting at 600 yards on 10x10 inches target.

475 yardů Altaros M24, Arken optics and ATP Smooth slugs

Comparison of muzzle velocity between ALTAROS M24 and Airgun Technology Vulcan.

M24 vs Vulcan

ALTAROS M24 consistency of muzzle velocity.

Konzistence M24

Altaros M24 airgun and LabRadar

Measuring the muzzle velocity consistency - achieving the wold record.

642 yd - Airgun Altaros M24, ATP Smooth slugs and Arcane Optics

For USA customers only:

The purchase of an M24 from the Czech Republic to the USA is subject to restrictions resulting from the fact that the rifle cannot simply be sent from the USA back to the Czech Republic and then back to the USA for reasons such as service or repair. The main reason is that shipping companies refuse to transport airguns without a special permit, and the second reason is the high total cost of such transportation, which is around 310 euros.

For this reason, the possibility of sending the rifle for service or repair does not apply to the sale of rifles in the US, even during the warranty period. This is replaced by service advice via email and video tutorials, similar to what we have been doing successfully for years with our compressor boosters. At the same time, if necessary, we can send a specific spare part or assembly of parts that would need to be replaced.

The customer must confirm this information when purchasing M24 rifles, otherwise, the purchase will be canceled.

Due to the long development, demanding testing and 3 years of sales experience, we know that the M24 airgun is a stable, long-term functional product that requires a minimum of maintenance or repairs.

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